The Little World

In other unhappy news, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival is finally making headlines all over (even in New York). Unfortunately, it’s for turmoil in the Artistic Directorship.

Let me just say that I was skeptical of the whole idea of a triumvirate from the beginning; organizations need a single voice at the top, and absent a single Artistic Director the General Director, Antoni Cimolino, would have wound up playing that role, which would have inevitably stuck in the craw of any member of the triumvirate who found him- or herself overruled. I really don’t know anything about Don Shipley, but I’m very saddened that the Festival is losing Marti Maraden. She’s a lovely lady and a fine director. And, not to put too fine a point on it, but Stratford could use a woman in the house for a change. So hopefully at a minimum she’ll continue to be a frequent presence at the Festival as a director.