Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

So, work life is horrible (not that everybody at the office isn’t actually being great, mutually supportive, buying each other drinks, but you know: we really need those drinks). But there is good news elsewhere in Millmanland.

Specifically: Democracy Prep Charter School, whose board I chair, just got its report card from the City’s Department of Education. And we did rather well. The news capped a nice week for DPCS, a week which began with the ribbon cutting on our new facility, adjoining historic St. Philips Episcopal Church in Harlem. So I’ve got that going for me.

I owe TAS a long post (or series of posts) about charter schools and education more generally. In the meantime, I encourage folks to check out the school’s website, and check out the school physically if you are in the area. And of course, since Matt Yglesias is right that high-performing charters do depend on additional private funds on top of their public funding (note, however, that their public funding is below that of regular public schools), if you’re looking for a way to put charitable education dollars to work, you could do a whole lot worse than a school like ours. (And, contra Matt, structural reform is neither a complement nor a substitute for more funding; it’s a prerequisite – first you have to prove that the additional funds could do good, then you have to set things up so that additional funds will do good, then you get the money.)