Today, I wrote two quick posts about health care at Reason’s awesome blog, Hit & Run. Thanks to the Koch Associate Program, I’ll be spending the next year with Reason, where I’ll write a fair bit more about policy than I do in this space. But don’t you worry — I’ll still drop by TAS as frequently as possibly to blather about irrelevant pop-culture and hipsterism (which may be redundant). You can’t escape!

On an unrelated note, I saw Frodus play the Black Cat on Saturday night. The band broke up when I was in high school, and I never got to see them play. So I can’t compare them to how they used to be, but the set on Saturday was really amazing — though I might be biased because the current bass player for the band is Jake Brown, one of my best friends from middle and high school. Still, it was more than a great nostalgia trip — it was a really great show, and if you can even barely imagine yourself enjoying a spazzy hardcore show, I heartily recommend checking them out if they drop into town.