4 Items, One Post

— 20 replies are now posted at The GOP Speaks, and I sent out a batch to every county in Ohio last night, so hopefully more are coming soon.

— One last point about this:

Conor Friedersdorf refuses to interview me as he continues to be my unofficial biographer. (I’m VERY reachable, Conor.) He writes opinion pieces on me purporting to be journalism. He doesn’t quote or cite me, he simply assumes and pushes the point of view he thinks I have and makes an argument based on these alleged positions. It’s sloppy and you, of all people, should know better.
Andrew Breitbart

As I’ve noted, my writing on Mr. Breitbart includes an unanswered interview request, numerous Andrew Breitbart quotations, and as far as I can tell, zero instances of attributing a position to Mr. Breitbart that he doesn’t hold. I’ll go a step farther too. Though an interview is always ideal, I think it is fair game to criticize the avowed positions of a public figure without reaching them first, especially if there is deadline pressure.

Apparently, however, Mr. Breitbart takes the position that it is sloppy and unfair to criticize someone prior to interviewing them. So can I assume that the policy at Big Government and Big Hollywood, and the protocol Mr. Breitbart follows when writing columns for the Washington Times, is to always at least request an interview with the people and entities he criticizes? Or is this yet another example of self-righteously holding others to a standard one doesn’t uphold oneself?

— Though behind a subscriber firewall, this New Yorker piece about Rio is an astounding piece of reportage, and underscores the difficult task that city has ahead as it tries to host an Olympics where visitors aren’t victimized by out of control paramilitary gangs.

— Somehow I agree with the general thrust of Latimer commentary by Ramesh and Chris Buckley!