Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Twice

In that spirit, what movies would you actually like to see remade?

Reasons to do a remake (apart from “because we’re scared to take a chance on something new”) would include: to reach a bigger, English-speaking audience; to retell a classic story in a contemporary idiom; to take advantage of advances in technology; to serve as the perfect vehicle for a particular star; to get it right this time; etc.

My off-the-top-of-my-head suggestions:

Bread and Chocolate – set it in California, practically writes itself; only problem is Cheech Marin is too old to star.

Guys and Dolls – one of the best American musicals, terrible movie; maybe cast Sky Masterson with somebody who can sing this time? (George Clooney? And Will Smith in the Sinatra role!)

The Great Train Robbery – “Oceans Eleven” meets “Sherlock Holmes.”

Late Marriage – deserves a bigger audience, wouldn’t suffer from being moved to, say, Brighton Beach. Halle Berry as the love interest? Or does that turn it into “Jungle Fever?” Or is that a good thing?

Your suggestions?