"Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been a Lesbian?"

Oh, yeah, one other thought. Andrew Sullivan has found a new quixotic cause – apparently, in his view, all nominees to the Supreme Court are now supposed to answer the question in the title to this post. (Well, all female ones.)

All I’ll say is that if Sullivan really means what he says, I encourage him to ask this question of Elena Kagan in person and in public. The question has nothing whatsoever to do with her qualifications for the office in question, so I see no reason why the Administration should field it. But, I admit, it’s a question that is obviously interesting – I know I would like to know the answer, and I’m sure many others would as well.

So all we’re talking about is propriety: is it just plain rude to ask somebody “are you gay?” or is it not? I think it is. That’s not because I think there’s anything shameful in being gay. I just think questions of personal identity like that are really up to the person in question to broach at the time and place of their choosing – and to the audience of their choosing.

Sullivan appears to disagree, but I question whether he really means it. I think the only way to find out the answer to that question is for Sullivan to have the courage of his convictions: ask her, in person, in public, not through official channels or rhetorically on his blog, and then blog how he feels about the experience afterward.