Quick Notes

1) Helen Rittelmeyer offers a fascinating post on molasses.

2) Over at True/Slant I react to news that Jonah Goldberg got a $1 million book deal.

UPDATE: In comments, a few people reacted to this post as though I expressed an enduring contempt for everything Jonah Goldberg does. Actually, I think his work is quite good sometimes, which I’ve said repeatedly in print, and he seems like a perfectly nice guy. If memory serves, the last time I mentioned him at The American Scene I was defending him.

It is possible to think all these things, and to think the column I mentioned has serious enough flaws that it’s weird for it to generate a seven figure book advance. That doesn’t mean I hate Mr. Goldberg. Quite the contrary. I think his arguments are wrongheaded sometimes, and other times that they are quite good. He seems to me like the kind of guy who can dish it out and take it, so I am a bit perplexed that folks reacted so strongly.